Certified Testing Center LLC Cherkesskstrom


Dry mortar test

     The testing center is equipped with modern, high-precision testing equipment, measuring instruments, technical, regulatory and special documentation. It has a sufficient number of highly professional specialists with the appropriate education and qualifications, which allows reliable and high-quality determination of the construction and technical properties of both the initial components and the manufactured products at the European quality level. The activities of each specialist are regulated by job description. The testing center conducts tests of building materials for compliance with the requirements of ND in accordance with the approved certification area. The head of the Information Center is Doctor of Technical Sciences, full member of the Russian Engineering Academy, honorary builder of the Russian Federation Tamov Mukhadin Chashifovich. 

The scope of the IC includes testing


IC functions: :

  • Conduct tests in accordance with the approved area of ​​certification;
  • Constantly maintain compliance with the certification requirements established by State Standard ISO / IEC1725-2000 and State Standard R51000.4-96;
  • Ensure the reliability, objectivity and required accuracy of test results;
  • Take into account all claims based on test results;
  • Conduct tests (including comparative ones) at the request of organizations, enterprises and consumers;
  • Take part in interlaboratory comparative tests (ISI) of products to verify technical competence;
  • Ensure the confidentiality of information on the results of product tests, which constitute official and commercial secrets, except for issues related to compliance with product safety requirements;
  • Interaction of the Information Center with all organizations is regulated by the relevant agreements and other regulatory documents.

IC policy in the field of quality.

The main objective of the quality policy of the testing center is:

  • ensuring a high level of organization and testing;
  • obtaining objective and reliable information about the actual values ​​of the quality indicators of the tested products;
  • determining the conformity of the quality indicators of the tested products to the requirements of regulatory documentation. The implementation of this policy is carried out by the introduction of a test quality assurance system that establishes organizational and administrative procedures, the distribution of powers and responsibilities, personnel, and technical equipment. The quality system is aimed at preventing and preventing low-quality testing.
  • The work carried out by the laboratory is reflected in the protocol, which accurately, clearly (avoiding ambiguous interpretation) test results and other necessary information. The test report is issued in accordance with the requirements of State Standard R ISO / IEC 17025-2000.

IC resources:

  • qualified personnel competent in the organization and conduct of tests in the declared field of certification;
  • organizational structure that provides testing at a high quality level, a clear distribution of functions between the employees of the information center and quality control of the work performed;
  • testing equipment and measuring instruments to ensure testing in the claimed field;
  • egulatory and technical documentation governing the requirements for the tested products and test methods, requirements for test tools and the procedure for their use, organizational and methodological foundations of tests;
  • a complex of production facilities for testing that meet safety requirements and sanitary standards
  • the availability of means of communication, supply of electricity, water and ventilation, ensuring the activity of the information center during its year-round continuous operation.

"Certificate of assessment of the state of measurements in the laboratory"   pdf.png
"Availability of State Standards"  pdf.png