TM Litoks is a solution for professional construction.

Our company is a large industrial complex located in the North Caucasus Federal District, operating for more than 25 years and producing a wide range of building and finishing materials in demand on the market.

The production complex includes:
Gypsum plant;
Plant of dry building mixes Litox on cement binder;
Plant of dry building mixes Litox on a gypsum binder;
Expanded clay factory;
Own deposits of clay and gypsum.

    The company specializes in the production of gypsum binder (Litox-gypsum), dry construction mixes Litox on gypsum and cement binder and expanded clay gravel. The range of products consists of:

1.     Gypsum and cement based plasters

2.     Tiled cement adhesives

3.     Putties of gypsum, cement and polymer

4.     Levelers and bulk floors

5.     Mounting mixtures

6.     Repair mixture

7.     Waterproofing

8.     Expanded clay gravel of two fractions: 10-20mm and 2.5-10mm

9.     Gypsum binder G5-BII


The fundamental principles of the company are:
- honesty,
- reliability,
- openness,
- taking into account the opinions of our partners

High-tech production of dry building mixes is located in Cherkessk, Karachay-Cherkess Republic. A strict selection of the raw materials used and the highest quality control of products, a wide scientific and technical base and control of all processes, high technology for the production of dry mixes - all these are the success criteria of our company that produces modern building materials.

Our goal is to produce the most popular building materials on the market. Our core value is our customers, their well-being and respect for us as suppliers.

Reasons for Partnership

25 years of successful building
materials manufacturing experience
Technical support of company partners Conducting free master classes on the territory of partners Production of more
than 200 thousand tons of dry mortar per year
Own technical resources on modern high-tech equipment of world manufacturers guarantee high quality of products Our own testing center determines and guarantees the quality of input raw materials and products Compliance with GOST standards and international product quality requirements 4 production sites,
own raw materials, stocks of more than 7.5 thousand tons